How To Cut and Clean Mocha / Banana Blossom / Banana Flower  

It is very hard to cut Mocha or Banana Blossom. It’s a difficult and time consuming process but it ultimately pays off. It took me about 45 mins to clean the Banana Blossom.


  1. Apply white or mustard oil on your palms to avoid discoloration caused by the flower while peeling.
  2. Remove each red petal or bracts and collect the florets or tiny bananas. Continue this procedure until you reach the inner part when you’ll not be able to remove any more petals and see the yellowish bulb like center.
  3. Each floret will have one center stamens with small head and a transparent plastic type cover. Remove both as this is really hard and not be used for cooking.
  4. Bunch all the florets together and Cut into fine pieces. Cut the yellowish bulb into small pieces. Keep them into a container filled with water.
  5. Finally, add a tablespoon of curd or yogurt and a pinch of salt into the water to reduce the discoloration or oxidation of the banana blossom. Also, you can add a spoon for turmeric powder into the water to reduce the bitter taste of banana blossom.
  6. Banana Blossom is now ready for cooking. Use it for Mochar Ghonto, Mochar Chop….


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    Where can I buy this plant online ?

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