Methi Saag Bhaja – Fenugreek Leaves Fry

This is a non spicy vegetable dish. Methi Saag is good for health as well as it ...  Read More

Kumror Chokka – Pumpkin Curry

Kumror chokka is completely vegetarian recipe. This is a most common recipe of pumpkin in Bengal. This dish ...  Read More

Lal Shak Bhaja – Red Amaranth Fry

Lal Shak is rarely available in the market nowadays. In English, lal shaak is known as Red Amaranth ...  Read More

Chirer Polao – Poha Pulao

This is a quick recipe. Chirer Polao is usually served as breakfast in India. Serving Size: 2 Cooking Time: ...  Read More

Chichinga Bhaja – Snake Gourd Fry

Snake gourd is one of those vegetables which are rarely used for cooking. Snake Gourd can grow ...  Read More

Ol Kopi – Kholrabi Torkari

Olkopi is known as Kohlrabi. It is easily available in the market. I hope you all will like this dish. Serving ...  Read More

Doi Potol – Dahi Parwal

Doi Potol is cooked with curd. This is a rich recipe with thick gravy, usually served in ...  Read More

Stir Fried White Mushrooms

This fast yet tasty colorful  dish is a hit with my all vegetarian friend. This  combination of carrots ...  Read More

Kachur Loti – Sorshe- Narkel Diye

Bengalis specially Bangals (those who are from East Bengal/now Bangladesh) have a tradition of eating  tapioca in its various ...  Read More


Dhokla is a popular Gujrati dish. It is a absolutely vegetarian snacks and is too tangy when served with ...  Read More