Kanchkolar Kofta, Green Banana Kofta

  Simple but still a satisfying dish which can be eaten either with chapathi or rice. Kanchkolar Kofta Curry ...  Read More

Palak Paneer, Spinach Paneer

This Indian dish combines fresh spinach and paneer in a creamy curry. Serving Size: 4 Cooking Time: 30 mins Ingredients: Palak Paneer Cumin ...  Read More

Bengan Bharta

It is a very popular recipe Serving Size: 2 Cooking Time: 35 mins Ingredients: Eggplant (Brinjal) Onion Tomato Green Chilly Cumin Seeds Vegetable masala GaramMasala Salt Sugar Turmeric Powder Ginger Garlic ...  Read More

Mochar Ghonto, Banana Blossom Curry

One of the most amazing preparations that I had was this preparation. Nowadays, we all are so ...  Read More

Veg Tawa Fry, Veg Stir Fry

Its not easy to rush in the restuarent . So here I tried something new.   Serving Size: 2 Cooking ...  Read More

Moong Dal, Mug Lentils

Traditional Indian dal Serving Size: 2 Cooking Time: 45 mins Ingredients : Moong dal Carrot Beans Green Peas Turmeric powder Cumin Seeds Black Jeera Bay Leaf Dried Red Chilly Salt Sugar Cooking procedure: Roast ...  Read More

Aloo Capsicum, Green Pepper With Potato

Its a dry dish. Easy to cook Indian recipe. Serving Size: 2 Cooking Time: 20 mins Ingredients : 1 Potato 2 Capsicum 1 ...  Read More

Bengali Aloor Dom, Dum Alu

  A delicious side dish made out of potatoes and a variety of spices that give it a ...  Read More

Note Saag Bhaji, Saak Bhaja badam diye

It is served towards the start of the meal. Serving Size: 2 Cooking Time: 30 mins Ingredients: Note Saak Ground nut Dried Red ...  Read More

Greenpeas Paneer, Matar Paneer

  The result will be stunning!  Serving Size: 4Cooking Time: 40 mins Ingredients: PaneerPotatoGreen PeasTomatoOnionGinger Garlic PasteGaram MasalaCumin SeedsCumin ...  Read More