Kesaria Malpoa

 A sweet with kesaria malpua.Serving Size: 4Cooking Time: 45 minsIngredients:100 gm Paneer2 tbsp Ghee1 tsp Baking Powder10 ...  Read More

Lauki Sweets

Lauki Sweet is a very popular sweet in India Serving Size: 10 Cooking Time: 35 mins Ingredients: 1 Lau or Bottle ...  Read More

Gulab Jamoon

 Gulab Jamoon is most often eaten as a dessertServing Size: 2Cooking Time: 40 minsIngredints:1 Cup Whole Dried ...  Read More

Red Potato Sweets

This is one of my favourite dessert  foods. Serving Size: 2 Cooking Time: 30 mins Ingredients: 300 gm Sweet Potato 1 tsp ...  Read More

Rice Kheer, Payesh

The celebrations of Bengali are incomplete without  delicious Payesh, a mouthwatering dish made of rice and milk. ...  Read More

Carrot Halwa, Gajorer Halwa

 Here is one of my favourite Halwa. Serving Size: 2Cooking Time: 30 minsIngredients:1. 1 kg  Carrot2. 1 litre  10% ...  Read More

Microwave-Oven Cake

A  very quick microwave recipe Serving Size: 10 Cooking Time: 10 mins Ingredients: 1 cup Maida 2 Eggs 1/2 spoon Vanilla Essence 1/2 spoon Baking ...  Read More