Potoler Dorma With Shrimp

Shrimp Potoler Dorma is a famous Bengali dish where the potol is stuffed with shrimp. The result is  ...  Read More

Fish Egg Jhal, Macher Dimer Jhal

One of the most amazing preparations that I made. I always bring the fish egg from the ...  Read More

Badami Chicken

 Badami Chicken / Chicken with Peanut.Serving size: 2Cooking Time: 45 minsIngredients:500 gm Chicken1/4 Cup Peanuts1/4 Cup Cashew1 ...  Read More

White Pumpkin with Hilsha Fish

A very delicious recipe. Serving Size: 2 Cooking Time: 30 mins Ingredients: 500 gm White Pumpkin 2 Hilsa Fish Head 2 Green Chilly Salt ...  Read More

Tangra Fish Curry, Tengra Macher Jhol

 Tangra fish is one of the tasty fish in Bengali. This recipe is easy to prepare. It is ...  Read More

Tilapia Fish Curry

 A great smell from the kitchen tells you that your fish curry is done.Serving Size: 2 Cooking ...  Read More

Bhetki or Barramundi Fish Paturi

Its a authentic Bengali preparation and I am so excited about this platter. One of the most amazing dish ...  Read More

Fish Egg Curry, Macher Dimer Jhol

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Butter Chicken, Chicken Makhani

This was the best butter chicken I have ever made.Serving Size: 3 Cooking Time: 45 mins ...  Read More

Maacher Muro Diye Dal

My recipe is a little lighter but it is still an enjoyable dish. Bengalis are known to eat ...  Read More