Koi Macher Sorshe Jhol – Climbing Perch Curry

Koi Fish Climbing Perch Curry

The Koi is also known as climbing perch fish. Typically,  you can get fresh fish from the ...  Read More

Malai Prawn – Chingri / Shrimp Malai Curry

Chingri prawn shrimp malai curry

It is an all-time favorite traditional Bengali dish. For this preparation I prefer large fresh prawns with ...  Read More

Bengali Goat / Lamb Masala – Mutton Curry

Mutton Goat Masala Curry

It’s a traditional way of preparing Mutton curry. I cook mutton rarely but I remember my mom ...  Read More

Doi Hilsha – Doi Ilish – Hilsha in Yogurt Sauce

Yogurt Doi ilish Hilsha

It is a traditional Bengali recipe prepared with yogurt and mustard seeds. It is not at all ...  Read More

Pomfret Fish Fry With Spices

Pomfret Pompano Fish-Fry

It's one of my most favorite sea fish. I like it for its tastes and soft bones. ...  Read More

Boal Macher Jhal – Wallago Fish Curry

Boal cat Fish Curry

Boal Fish is a kind of catfish. It has no scales and very less bones. It is ...  Read More

Punti Macher Chorchori – Puti Fish Dry Mixed Curry


It`s a traditional recipe and very simple and easy to prepare. This is probably the easiest of ...  Read More

Dimer Kosha – Dry Egg Curry

Egg Dry Curry - Kosha

Dimer kosha or Dry Egg Curry is a simple and easy to prepare recipe. I am very ...  Read More

Aar / Aiyer Macher Sorshe Jhol – Sperata Aor Fish Curry

Aar Fish Curry

Aar fish is a type of fresh water catfish. It has less bones so anyone can eat ...  Read More

Echor-er Dalna – Green Tender Jackfruit Curry

Echor-er Dalna - Green Jackfruit Curry

Echor or Green Jack fruit is a popular vegetable in Bengal. This is a dry and tasty ...  Read More