Moong Dal With Fish Head – Macher Muro Diye Dal

FIsh Head with Dal

Macher Muro Diye Dal or fish head with lentils is a traditional Bengali recipe. This specialty dal ...  Read More

CHICKEN BIRIYANI – Kolkata Style Biriyani Prepared in Microwave

Biriani Chicken

Kolkata style Chicken Biriyani. Biriyani is made out from a mixture of spices, rice, commonly basmati rice, ...  Read More

CHICKEN REZALA – Aromatic White Chicken Curry Recipe

Chicken Rezala

It’s a traditional way to cook chicken with yogurt and spices. Chicken Rezala is served with rice, ...  Read More

Rui Macher Plain Jhol – ROHU FISH FRESH CURRY

Rui Macher Jhol

This is a simple awesome dish of Rohu which is prepared almost everyday in Bengali households.  This ...  Read More

FISH CUTLET – A Delicious Appetizer

Fish Cutlet

Fish Cutlet is a crispy popular fish recipe which is enjoyed as an appetizer or evening snacks. Serving ...  Read More

PABDA FISH TEL JHAL – Pabda Fish Spicy Curry

Pabda Fish Masala Curry

It's a popular fish recipe with Pabda fish. Pabda fish is a very soft and delicate fish. This ...  Read More

Steamed Hilsha Fish – BHAPA ILISH

Bhapa Ilish Steamed Hilsa

This is a popular traditional Bengali dish called Bhapa Ilish or Steamed Hilsha. This is the most ...  Read More

Rohu Fish Spicy Curry – Rui Macher Kalia

Rui Rohu Fish Kalia Curry

Rohu fish is a more common everyday fish for Bengalis. This dish is spicy, tasty and easy ...  Read More

Rui Macher Plain Jhol – Rohu Fish Curry With Vegetables

Rui Rohu Fish Plain Curry

Rohu fish is a most common everyday fish for Bengalis. This dish is spicy, tasty and easy ...  Read More

Hilsha Fish Curry With Vegetables – Ilish Macher Plain Jhol

Hilsha Fish Plain Jhol

Hilsa fish pain curry or jhol is one of my favorite dish. It tastes wonderful and easy ...  Read More