Teasel Gourd Curry – Kakroll Torkari

Kakroll Curry - Teasel Gourd Curry

Kakroll  or Teasel gourd curry has an unique taste to it that you’ll love. its a simple ...  Read More

Radish Fry – Mulor Chechki

Mulor Chechki

Chechki means finely shredded and It’s not a everyday dish but once in while this is the ...  Read More

Bitter Gourd Curry – Bengali Shukto – Karela Sabzi

Sukto Shukto

The main ingredient of Shukto is bitter gourd or Korola which is bitter in taste. Sukto is ...  Read More

Vegetable Chop – A Delicious Appetizer

Vegetable Chop

Its really tasty chop eaten as snacks in Bengal. It is a healthy and delicious recipe served ...  Read More

Echor-er Dalna – Green Tender Jackfruit Curry

Echor-er Dalna - Green Jackfruit Curry

Echor or Green Jack fruit is a popular vegetable in Bengal. This is a dry and tasty ...  Read More

Kakroll Bhaja – Teasel Gourd Fry

Kakroll Fry Teasel gourd

Kakroll is  simple  easy and tasty  recipe. Kakroll is known as Teasel gourd. It has a unique ...  Read More

Kumror Chokka – Pumpkin Curry

Kumror chokka is completely vegetarian recipe. This is a most common recipe of pumpkin in Bengal. This dish ...  Read More

Pui Shak Chorchori – Basella Leaf Curry

Pui Shak or Basella leaf is also known as Malabar spinach. Pui Shaag is a typical Bengali ...  Read More

Ol Kopi – Kholrabi Torkari

Olkopi is known as Kohlrabi. It is easily available in the market. I hope you all will like this dish. Serving ...  Read More

White Pumpkin with Hilsha Fish

A very delicious recipe. Serving Size: 2 Cooking Time: 30 mins Ingredients: 500 gm White Pumpkin 2 Hilsa Fish Head 2 Green Chilly Salt ...  Read More