Bhetki or Barramundi Fish Paturi

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Tuna Fish Chop

 Here is how to make the  fish chopServing Size: 2Cooking Time: 30 minsIngredients:1Medium Size Onion1 Potato1 tsp ...  Read More

Baked Lobster Tail, Tandoori Golda Chingri

Delicious baked lobster tail. Serving Size: 1 Cooking Time: 30 mins Ingredients: 1 lobster tail (6-8 oz. each) 1 tbsp. melted unsalted ...  Read More

Fish Egg Curry, Macher Dimer Jhol

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Baked Salmon Fish

Here's a easy way to prepare delicious  baked salmon Serving Size: 2 Cooking Time: 30 mins Ingredients: 2 salmon filet 1/2 teaspoon pepper 1/2 ...  Read More

Maacher Muro Diye Dal

My recipe is a little lighter but it is still an enjoyable dish. Bengalis are known to eat ...  Read More

Pabda Macher Jhol, Pabo Catfish Fish Curry

Macher Jhol is a traditional Bengali recipe. Pabda fish is also known as Pabo Catfish in English. Pabda ...  Read More

Jumbo shrimp Coconut, Chingri Narkel

A great smell from the kitchen tells you that your Jumbo shrimp Coconut is done. Serving Size: 2Cooking ...  Read More

Pabda Fish Curry, Pabda Macher Jhal

This was a simple variation of cooking, all loved it. Serving Size: 1 Cooking Time: 35 mins Ingredients: Pabda Fish Potato Onion Tomato Fish Masala Ginger ...  Read More

Parshe Fish Curry, Sorsen diye parshe Maach

The ultimate pleasant food and popular Bengali fish Jhol. Serving Size: 2 Cooking Time: 35 mins Ingredients: Parshe fish Black Jeera Eggplant Green Chilly Mustard ...  Read More