Loita (Bombay Duck) Fish Curry

It is a hot and spicy dish. Serving Size: 2 Cooking Time: 25 mins Ingredients: 200 gm Loita Fish 1 Onion Salt Ginger 3/4 Cloves ...  Read More

Sorshe Tilapia

It is very easy to prepare this dish. We Bengali heard about Shorshe Hilsa . It is ...  Read More

Lau Ilish, Bottle Gourd Hilsa Curry

This is a simple variation of Hilsa cooking. This is a popular recipe, most Bengalis love it.  Ilish is such ...  Read More

Pearl Spot Fish Fry

It is one of the most famous fish from Kerala Serving Size: 2 Cooking Time: 30 mins Ingredients: 2 Pearl Spot ...  Read More

Salmon Fish Curry

 This fish curry really tastes as good as it looks.Serving Size: 2Cooking Time: 30 minsIngredients:300 gm Salmon ...  Read More

Fish Egg Jhal, Macher Dimer Jhal

One of the most amazing preparations that I made. I always bring the fish egg from the ...  Read More

Bhetki Fish Fry

It really goes extremely well as a side dish.You can try this with other variety of fish ...  Read More

White Pumpkin with Hilsha Fish

A very delicious recipe. Serving Size: 2 Cooking Time: 30 mins Ingredients: 500 gm White Pumpkin 2 Hilsa Fish Head 2 Green Chilly Salt ...  Read More

Tangra Fish Curry, Tengra Macher Jhol

 Tangra fish is one of the tasty fish in Bengali. This recipe is easy to prepare. It is ...  Read More

Tilapia Fish Curry

 A great smell from the kitchen tells you that your fish curry is done.Serving Size: 2 Cooking ...  Read More