Boal Macher Jhal – Wallago Fish Curry

Boal cat Fish Curry

Boal Fish is a kind of catfish. It has no scales and very less bones. It is ...  Read More

Punti Macher Chorchori – Puti Fish Dry Mixed Curry


It`s a traditional recipe and very simple and easy to prepare. This is probably the easiest of ...  Read More

Aar / Aiyer Macher Sorshe Jhol – Sperata Aor Fish Curry

Aar Fish Curry

Aar fish is a type of fresh water catfish. It has less bones so anyone can eat ...  Read More

Shor Punti Sorshe Jhol – Olive Barb Fish Curry

Shor Punti Fish

Shor Punti / Sor Puti or Olive Barb is not the typical small Punti Fish that we ...  Read More

Pomfret Macher Jhol – Pomfret Fish Curry

Pomfret Fish Pompano Fish Curry

Pomfret fish is a tasty sea fish. This fish has softer and fewer bones. It’s a very ...  Read More

Kajoli Macher Jhol – Kajuli Fish Curry

Kajuli Fish Curry

Kajuli fish is a fresh water fish. It has a very good taste and it is a ...  Read More

Loita Fish Curry – Bombay Duck Fry

Loita Fish Bombil Fish Bombay Duck

Loita fish also called Bombil or Bombay duck. This fish is often dried and salted. This fish ...  Read More

Kakrar Jhal – Crab Masala Curry

Crab Masala Curry

I mostly prefer crabs cooked in Indian style. This is a spicy dish and It’s really delicious. ...  Read More

Tengra Macher Jhol – Tengra Fish Curry

Tengra Fish Curry

Tangra fish is a fresh water fish. It is most common and simple dish of Tengra Fish ...  Read More

Muri Ghonto – Rice With Fried Fish Head

Muri Ghonto

Muri Ghonto is one of the common  Bengali dish cooked with  Kalo jeera rice and fried fish ...  Read More