TOPSE FISH FRY – Taposi Maach Bhaja

Topse Fish Fry

Topse fish is small and has soft bones. This is specially dipped in the batter of besan ...  Read More

Hilsa Fish Head with Taro Stem / Arbi – KACHU ILISH

Hilsha Fish With Kachu

Hilsa Fish Head with Taro Stem dish is a perfect blend of sweet and spicy. It goes ...  Read More

METHI RUI – Rohu Fish in Creamy Fenugreek Flavour Sauce

METHI RUI - Rohu Fish in Creamy Fenugreek Flavour Sauce

It’s a creamy preparation made with milk and fenugreek seed. Serving Size: 2-3 people Cooking Time: 45 mins Ingredients: 6 pieces ...  Read More


Mola Maach - Mourola Fish

Mourola Fish is fresh water fish and to be cooked with care as these are very delicate ...  Read More

Aam Shol – Murrel Fish In Green Mango Sauce

Aam Shol

Aam Shol or Murrel fish with green Mango is an authentic traditional Bengali fish recipe. Serving Size: 2-3 ...  Read More

A Delicious Lobster Recipe – Lobster Curry

Lobster Spicy Curry

This is an interesting  and delicious Lobster recipe. I was always having steamed lobster and I wanted ...  Read More

Ilish Fish Fry – HILSHA FISH FRY

Hilsha Fish Fry

This tastiest fish  is fried in mustard oil. I think any Bengali will love to have this ...  Read More

Moong Dal With Fish Head – Macher Muro Diye Dal

FIsh Head with Dal

Macher Muro Diye Dal or fish head with lentils is a traditional Bengali recipe. This specialty dal ...  Read More

Rui Macher Plain Jhol – ROHU FISH FRESH CURRY

Rui Macher Jhol

This is a simple awesome dish of Rohu which is prepared almost everyday in Bengali households.  This ...  Read More

FISH CUTLET – A Delicious Appetizer

Fish Cutlet

Fish Cutlet is a crispy popular fish recipe which is enjoyed as an appetizer or evening snacks. Serving ...  Read More