Maacher Muro Diye Dal

My recipe is a little lighter but it is still an enjoyable dish. Bengalis are known to eat ...  Read More

Egg Tarka Dal – Dimer Torka

Tarka Dal a popular north Indian preparation hot favourite among Panjabis is best served with hot naan ...  Read More

Moong Dal, Mug Lentils

Traditional Indian dal Serving Size: 2 Cooking Time: 45 mins Ingredients : Moong dal Carrot Beans Green Peas Turmeric powder Cumin Seeds Black Jeera Bay Leaf Dried Red Chilly Salt Sugar Cooking procedure: Roast ...  Read More

Cholar Dal with Narkel, Chana Dal

Cholar dal is the Bengali dal for any festivals. It is little bit sweeter kind of dish ...  Read More