Aam Shol – Murrel Fish In Green Mango Sauce

Aam Shol

Aam Shol or Murrel fish with green Mango is an authentic traditional Bengali fish recipe. Serving Size: 2-3 ...  Read More

CHICKEN BIRIYANI – Kolkata Style Biriyani Prepared in Microwave

Biriani Chicken

Kolkata style Chicken Biriyani. Biriyani is made out from a mixture of spices, rice, commonly basmati rice, ...  Read More

CHICKEN REZALA – Aromatic White Chicken Curry Recipe

Chicken Rezala

It’s a traditional way to cook chicken with yogurt and spices. Chicken Rezala is served with rice, ...  Read More

DUM ALOO – Spicy Potato Curry With Luchi – Aloor Dom

Dum Aloo

This is a delicious side dish made out of potatoes and a variety of spices that gives ...  Read More

Garden Long Bean Dry Curry – Borboti-r Chorchori

Borboti Chorchori Garden Long Bean Curry

Garden Long bean is easy on stomach and loaded with full of nutrients. I love to eat ...  Read More

Dimer Kosha – Dry Egg Curry

Egg Dry Curry - Kosha

Dimer kosha or Dry Egg Curry is a simple and easy to prepare recipe. I am very ...  Read More

Aar / Aiyer Macher Sorshe Jhol – Sperata Aor Fish Curry

Aar Fish Curry

Aar fish is a type of fresh water catfish. It has less bones so anyone can eat ...  Read More

Pomfret Macher Jhol – Pomfret Fish Curry

Pomfret Fish Pompano Fish Curry

Pomfret fish is a tasty sea fish. This fish has softer and fewer bones. It’s a very ...  Read More

Kajoli Macher Jhol – Kajuli Fish Curry

Kajuli Fish Curry

Kajuli fish is a fresh water fish. It has a very good taste and it is a ...  Read More

Jhinge Posto – Ridge Gourd In Poppy Seed Paste

Jhinge Posto - Ridge Gourd Poppy Seed

Those who love posto will love to have this recipe.  Jhinge or Ridged Gourd is very simple ...  Read More