Rohu Fish Kalia, Rui Macher Kalia/Jhol  


This is though not an authentic Bengali preparation but very commonly cooked by the Bengalis. It is tasty and easy to cook as cooked with all readily available ingredients. You can use Curry Leaf to give it a different flavor.

Serving Size: 3

Cooking Time: 40 mins

Ingredients :
  1. 250 gm Rohu Fish
  2. 1Bay leaf
  3. Cumin Seed
  4. Ginger Garlic Paste
  5. 1 Tomato
  6. 1 Onion
  7. 1 Dried Red Chilly
  8. 2 Green Chilly
  9. Turmeric Powder
  10. 2 tbsp Fish Masala
  11. 1 tsp Garam Masala
  12. Salt
  13. Sugar
  14. Curry Leaf
  15. Mustard Oil

Cooking procedure:

Chop onion , green chilly and tomato.

Marinate fish with salt and turmeric powder.


Heat oil in non stick kadai and shallow fry the fish. I fry little bit well for this recipe than when I make plain jhol recipe.Keep aside the fish pieces.

Put rest of the oil in the kadai and put the sugar for caramelizing. Put bay leaves and cumin to crackle in oil. Add chopped onion , green chilly until it turns brown . Then add Ginger Garlic paste .Stir it for 30 sec.


Fry all the masala for 1 min and add finely  chopped tomatoes. Add water and continuously stir it to smash the tomatoes.Add fish pieces into it for boiling and let it simmer for few minutes. Add the curry leaf and boil it for 3 mins .


Serving Suggestions:
Serve hot with Basmati rice.

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2 Responses to Rohu Fish Kalia, Rui Macher Kalia/Jhol

  1. ghjkkyg says:

    R u insane to add curry leaves in Bengali dish??? They will puke if they happen to eat it even by mistake.

    • Mili BR says:

      Ya. I know. I mentioned it as optional. You’ll find the curry leaves used in many Kolkata restaurant but they take it out before serving it.

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