Rice Kheer, Payesh  


The celebrations of Bengali are incomplete without  delicious Payesh, a mouthwatering dish made of rice and milk. A special type of rice called “gobindo bhog rice” is used in this recipe. But you can use basmati rice too.

Serving Size: 2

Cooking Time: 30 mins


1. 50 gm Rice

2. 1 lit. Milk

3. 10-12 Cashew

4. 10-12 Raisin

5.2-3  Cardamom

6. 5- 8 tbsp Sugar

Cooking procedure:

Wash rice and leave it for drying.


Put Cashew, Raisin and Cardamom


Boil the milk for about 15 minutes. Add rice. Cook till rice is well done and milk becomes thick. Add sugar when the rice is tender. Add the raisins and chopped cashew nuts, cardamom. Remove from heat .


Serving Suggestions:

Cool and serve.


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