Kumro Shaker Chorchori  


I always love to eat non spicy dish after coming back from my office. I know it’s not simple to make it. But still I made it . The dish is really flavorful. Enjoy!

Serving Size: 2

Cooking Time: 35 mins


  1. 500 gm Kumro Saag
  2. Salt to taste
  3. 1 tbsp Sugar
  4. 1 Cup Mug Dal
  5. 1 tbsp Cumin Powder
  6. 1 tbsp Coriander Powder
  7. 1 tbsp Turmeric Powder
  8. 1 tsp Cumin Seeds
  9. Mustard Oil
  10. 1 Potato
  11. 2/3 Green Chilly

Cooking Procedure:

Take the good pieces of leaves.


Cut into small pieces.


Heat kadai then fry the mug dal. Keep it aside.


Boil the dal.


Heat oil in kadai then add cumin seeds to crackle, light fry the potato.


Add kumro saag. Stir well. Mix all the spices. Cover the lid for 5-10 mins. Add water as required. Stir it.


Serving Suggestions:

Enjoy kumro shak with hot rice.


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3 Responses to Kumro Shaker Chorchori

  1. Rubina says:

    You can also try using Lau shaak to prepare this recipe

  2. Dr,Suparna says:

    splendid! it helped me since i didn’t know how to cook kumro shak

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