Kakroll / Teasel Gourd Fry  


I love to eat kakroll but my husband don’t like to have bitter gourd or teasel gourd kind of vegetables. But I made it and when he tasted he liked to have more as crispy fry.

Serving Size: 2

Cooking Time: 20 mins


  1. 300 gm Kakroll
  2. Salt to taste
  3. 1 tsp Turmeric Powder

Cooking Procedure:

Take good pieces of kakroll.


Cut kakroll in thin slices.


Heat oil in pan then add kakroll with salt and turmeric powder. Fry it until it turns golden brown.

Serving Suggestion:

Serve it hot with rice.


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  1. Rema says:

    my husband brought home this vegetable and i asked him the name to look for some recipes. i made this one tonight and it was simple and very tasty! Thank you!

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