Doi Potol, Dahi Parwal  


Doi Potol cooked with curd is a rich recipe with thick gravy, usually served in special Bengali occasions. The recipe is very good and easy to prepare . Bengali kitchen has experimented a lot with Potol. It goes well with Luchi, Paratha, or Rice. Specially, for this recipe select larger size potol. Here in North America you can get fresh potol as “Chinese Okra“.

Serving Size : 2

Cooking Time : 25 mins


  1. 4 Large size Potol
  2. 50 gm Dahi
  3. 1 Onion
  4. 2 Green Chilly
  5. Salt to taste
  6. Sugar to taste


Cooking Procedure:

Cut the Parwal in both side half


Make a paste of onion with green chilly


Mix dahi in mixer


Light fry the Parwal


Heat oil in kadai then pour onion paste.Add the dahi with little salt and sugar.Lastly add the fried parwal . Cover the lid for 5-10 min .


Serving Suggestions:

Preparation is ready to serve .


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