What Is Best Alternative To Rohu Fish?  



If you live in North America and are a Bengali you most likely have Rohu or Rui Maach. It’s like a everydaty Bengali Fish. We get Rohu fish mostly imported from Bangaldesh as a whole frozen fish or cleaned and cut into froze cubes.

I found them sometimes too old almost more that a year from its original packaging date. Also, they overtime lose their freshness and original taste. Most of time I had to throw away the fish heads as they smell too fishy which I could have used it in the Muri Ghnto or Mache Muror Dal.

So I found this fish which is called Carp. It has almost the same taste as the Rohu fish, it’s a strong alternative for Rohu lovers. I get them live from store aquarium and it’s really cheap sometime avaiable for $1.99/lb. You need to take the whole fish which could be about 6-7 pounds. What I do it I freeze them and use it as much as I want. It’s always better than 1 year old frozen Bangaladesh rui maach.

You can cook Carp the same way as some of these Rohu fish recipes.

  1. Rohu Fish Kalia
  2. Doi Rui
  3. Rui Fish with Milk & Methi
  4. Rohu Fish Plain Jhol
  5. Muri Ghonto
  6. Macher Muro Diye Dal


If you’ve ever tried Carp fish do let me know and share your experience.


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13 Responses to What Is Best Alternative To Rohu Fish?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for such a helpful post. I am staying in US now and in search of good and fresh fish. Can you give ome names of stores where I will get this carp fish?

  2. Sharmi says:

    Wow Thanks Milidi for this useful post….

  3. Khurram Shahzad says:

    I live in the UK and found wild sea bass close to rahu. Did not see carp here

  4. Sushil says:

    I live in USA and have been looking for Rohu alternative for many years. I even fish in lakes and rivers myself. I have tried Carp and Buffalo here but they still do not taste the same as rohu back home. I wonder if environment and habitat for both us and the fish is causing this. Please note Carp in USA is not the same species as rohu but they of the same family Carp.

  5. Prince Rozario says:

    Good article. Just FYI, Rui/Rohu IS a type of Carp fish (same family of fishes), so you can catch any Carp in the U.S. and have fresh Rui mas.


    Can i get fresh carp fish or is that also frozen, Really missing jayanto rui and katla maach of kolkata.

  7. Anjana says:

    The Buffalo Carp is a better choice as a Rohu sub, again they are all Carp, but taste will vary. as there are many types of Mackerel with a variety of flavors and taste.

  8. Ron says:

    Grass carp is roho but it is controlled by the US government and is not allowed to reproduce you can still find them in the Chinese supermarket at around $5.00 lb

  9. B hack says:

    I do not think carp is good to eat , it feeds on all kinds of garbage,so I guess that the rohu fish is the same ,,

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