What Is Best Alternative To Katla Fish?  

 If you live in North America and are a Bengali you most likely have had Katla fish. It’s like an everyday Bengali Fish. Katla fish in North America is mostly imported from Bangladesh as a frozen whole fish or cleaned and cut into frozen cubes.

I found them sometimes too old, almost more that a year from its original packaging date. Also, they overtime lose their freshness and original taste.

So this Buffalo fish has almost the same taste as the Katla fish. It’s a strong alternative for Katla fish lovers. I get them fresh from grocery stores. It’s really cheap sometime available for $1.99/lb. You need to take the whole fish though which could be about 5-7 pounds. What I do is, I freeze them and use it as much as I want. It’s always better than 1-year-old frozen Bangladeshi Katla maach.

You can cook Katla the same way as some of my Katla fish recipes.

  1. Katla Mach with Milk and Methi Recipe

If you’ve ever tried Buffalo fish do let me know how did you like it.


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