Chicken Momo  



This stuffed dumpling preparation is one of the most popular dishes in Nepal.Momo-making definitely works best when there is a group effort, especially for the inexperienced.

Serving Size: 3

Cooking Time: 2 hours


  1. 150 gm White Flour
  2. Cabbage
  3. Green Onion
  4. Onion
  5. Carrot
  6. Ginger
  7. Garlic
  8. Cilantro
  9. Tomato ketchup
  10. Dried Red Chilly/ Red Chilly Flex
  11. Salt
  12. Sugar
  13. Baking Powder
  14. Chicken

Cooking procedure:

Cut the onion, cilantro, green onion and cabbage . Grate the carrot and chop the ginger and garlic . Boil the chicken and cut into small pieces.
Heat oil in a pot. Add ginger, garlic & onion & stir-fry 1 minute. . Add cabbage ,cilantro and green onion & stir-fry for 3 minutes. Add water and boiled chicken . Bring to a boil, reduce heat & simmer 5 minutes.

In a large bowl combine flour, baking powder, salt and hot water.
It is essential that the middle portion of the wrapper be slightly thicker than the edges to ensure the structural integrity of dumplings during packing and steaming.
There are a variety of ways to wrap momos


Momo Sauce:-

Heat oil in kadai and then add crushed dried red chilly , tomato ketchup , water, salt , sugar and cilantro for 5-7 mins.

Close the lid, and allow steaming until the dumplings are cooked through, about 10 minutes.Take dumplings off the steamer and serve immediately.
Serving Suggestions:

Serve with Momo Sauce

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  2. MALA - SUJAN says:

    ummmmmmmmmm…………….ita my fav dish………….hope in future i ll taste my bhaiya vabi’s handmade momo……………

  3. Amrita says:

    Amazing! Looks great and hoping to taste these dishes some day:-)

  4. Administrator says:

    This is more like a veg Momo with a little bit of chicken in it…

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